Why can't I import itertools when using Python (with Turtle)?
GollyWy (0)

Hi. I'm 10 and learning with a book called Coding Projects in Python.
It's been going great but I'm stuck trying to import itertools.

I get the error.
ImportError: No module named itertools on line 82

Shouldn't itertools be available to import in repl.it?

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vedprad1 (836)

It has been working for me.

Try forking the repl into a new one, and trying it that way. That should solve the problem.

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GollyWy (0)

@vedprad1 Thanks for the answer. But it doesn't work.
Even if I create a brand new repo with one line of code I still get the error.
If you click + new repl and choose Python (with Turtle) are you able to import itertools?

👉 Here's an simpler example.