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Why can't I run tkinter?
JordanDixon1 (445)

I have been trying to make a python with tkinter repl but it doesn't seem to work.

EliFrederick (0)

I'm having a similar issue. With mine, I hit run, it tries to run, and stops after like 2 seconds. Nothing happens on the screen. The only thing I've gotten is a window that doesn't listen to the window.geometry().

Zeune (36)

tkinter works on, but quite often do the guis fail and continue to load. I would check back tomorrow or try to only do backend work on here where you do not need to worry about your display.

Bookie0 (5647)

So I’ve looked at some ask questions similar to yours, so maybe you have to make a repl and set the languge to tkinter instead of python.
Hopefully that works, otherwise I don’t think tkinter works on
But you can try to do what I recommended.
Hope this helps!

JordanDixon1 (445)

@Bookie0 I've been doing this. The terminal screen thingy just keeps on loading even after I hit run. soooooooooo yeah.

Bookie0 (5647)

Hum I guess tkinter doesn’t work well on . Maybe add a feedback post. @JordanDixon1