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Why can't we change our usernames?
HarperframeInc (250)

Hello! I'm back.
Just a question, why can't we change our usernames? I want to change mine because I recently came back on the platform, and to resemble my change I wanted to make a new username.
Too bad I can't.

Is there any way to change my username? I have changed my account to my primary email.

Thank you for your help!

Answered by ash15khng (508) [earned 5 cycles]
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ash15khng (508)

You can, but you need to inform a staff member (I'm not really sure on how, but maybe you can tag them here?)

Zavexeon (932)

@ash15khng I'm sort of triggered that I said the exact same thing 1 hour before you and you got the checkmark.


Just kidding, a tad bit annoying, but I can live with it.

ash15khng (508)

@Zavexeon When I posted it I didn't see your comment..? Sorry anyways I'll upvote your post to give you one upvote then.

Zavexeon (932)

@ash15khng No need to apologize, lol.

Zavexeon (932)

The site's staff can change it. Consider getting in contact with them.

MsJazz79 (0)

@Zavexeon How can you tell who is staff? I have this same issue.

EtOH200 (0)

Hi @HarperframeInc! I recently joined, and I'm looking to change my username due to typo. Were you able to get yours updated?

KeaganLandfried (22)

This may be a feature with the Hacker Plan, but as of now, you can not change your username. It tells you this when you hover over the "?" in the account settings page. Would be a very nice feature however!

HarperframeInc (250)

@KeaganLandfried I used to have hacker plan, but I was still not avle to do it.