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Why do the terminal fail? It doesn't start my code which normally works flawlessly locally.
EmrePython (9)

Hi, I am new in this lovely site, I wrote a simple English Dictionary app. I'm supposed to show this code to my classmates this week during a presentation in class. This code works without a problem in my local computer. But it doesn't work here. First, I thought it is about the json file which contains the dictionary. But it must be something else. I get a exit status 127 error in the terminal.

Could a friend check the link or give me a tip about this exit code error? Thank you very much.

Answered by leon332157 (217) [earned 5 cycles]
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leon332157 (217)

Looks like there isn’t a file to run. In a repl u need a file called to start the program.

EmrePython (9)

Thank you very much dear friend @leon332157 I'll try to form a file then. Thank you, I appreciate

EmrePython (9)

@leon332157 My friend, I renamed it as, but now I get an error in the terminal saying:"
'run' isn't configured in the .replit file
try adding 'run = "echo hello word"' to .replit"

Is there a reason to write Hello World in the terminal:), yes I know it is not, but the instruction seem a bit "lack of some details" for a beginner like me :)
Anyway I'll keep working on a solution.

EmrePython (9)

I am now able to fix the problem by removing the repl file.I only have my and it seems it is enough to run the program. So no need to keep the repl file.

EmrePython (9) Here is the link. I have my Json file which contains the dictionary. Normally it works, but I cannot continue further from the terminal. I'm stuck, so any help would be of great value for me.I was able to write this simple python3 code easily but for a day, I'm stuck in running the code online.

Thanks again...

a5rocks (807)

@EmrePython mind removing the .replit file? I would like to try running it myself without, you know, forking the repl.

EmrePython (9)

okay my friend. The input from the user is in Turkish. But the json files contain English to English meanings. I wrote this code and it worked well. I uploaded this code to show my classmates during the presentation in class. I can take my laptop at least but I loved this site and I want to use this service. I guess I'm doing something wrong, not in the code, but in the settings here.

EmrePython (9)

@a5rocks My friend, as you said, I removed the replit file. ormally, I used this site for some example python codes and it runs great. But when I sat up my account, and upload this small project of mine, I have encountered problems. Maybe Json file causes the issue, don't have an idea,that's why I need help:). Thank you, I hope you can ring a bell