Why does automatic installation of packages sometimes fail?
PySimpleGUI (12)

This problem seems to come and go, and it also varies across my different projects, despite the EXACT same import statement is used.

[Almost] ALL of my repl's begin with:
import PySimpleGUI as sg

Usually, or for long stretches of time, repl.it installs the package for me just fine. Other times it complains "PySimpleGUI package not found".

I don't understand why this keeps happening and why it's so intermittent that it would work for 1 project but not another in the same account.

PLEASE help! I love using repl.it to provide quick demonstrations for Reddit responses. It allows me to post code that uses my package without the people examining the code needing to install anything. Repl.it a BRILLIANT piece of work!!!!


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HarperframeInc (250)

Hi @PySimpleGUI

Repl.it gets their packages from another website called Python Package Index. I believe you are getting this issue because there maybe was something wrong while repl.it was trying to fetch the package, so it may have shown that error.

It does happen to me sometimes, and I can get really frustrated.

Have you tried moving your code to another repl or forking your repl to solve your issue?

I'm sure repl.it is sorry for your inconvenience, and they are doing their best to fix these issues.

Any questions? Please ask me.

PySimpleGUI (12)

@HarperframeInc Aware of PyPI and how it works. Since it's happening to you as well and have an interest in getting it fixed, you can help that process by voting on this bug report: