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Why does it keep not letting me write the data into the file users.txt?
Egghead21 (6)

I have tried many roundabout ways to allow me to write the list of usernames and passwords to the file Users.txt, but it won't work. Can anyone help me rewrite the file and figure out a way to get it to write?

Answered by AlexanderBirabe (101) [earned 5 cycles]
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MrEconomical (2277)

you dont need any special libraries

f = open("users.txt", "w+")
Dart (1122)

@MrEconomical i needed this info too lol great that i just h appen to see this

Egghead21 (6)

@MrEconomical I need to try to put a local list and append that to the txt file, and it won't let me put a list directly into the txt file.

AlexanderBirabe (101)

Convert the list to a string

f = open("users.txt", "w+")


Egghead21 (6)

@AlexanderBirabe i didn't knwo it was that simple thanks