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Why is there a number after my name?
Bookie0 (145)


Why is there a number after my name? Is it like reputation points?


Have a fantastic day!

Answered by LOLMcman (24) [earned 5 cycles]
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LOLMcman (24)

That's just the number of upvotes you have

Bookie0 (145)

Hi @LOLMcman

Thanks for the answer, I thought it was something like that but I wasn’t sure anyway.

Thanks again

Have a super day

Highwayman (617)

That’s just saying how many posts you made so far. Or maybe it’s cycles? Idk one of those.

Bookie0 (145)

Hi @Highwayman

From a previous answer, I think the number is for upvotes anyways thanks

Have a great day