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Will uncontrollable latency in the new GFX repls be a factor when judging the game jam?
joshwood (116)

The new GFX repls currently experience high latency and frame skipping. As of now, someone can't accurately judge a game because of this. Even if the game is well optimized and can achieve playable frame-rates under normal conditions, the person playing it will experience quite a bit of lag. My internet (~ 80 Mbps) is capable of running GeForce now (a service that streams games to your computer) at 1080p with barely any latency, yet I still experience lag when running GFX repls. This means that the lag is mostly independent of one's internet connection. I've modified the example Pygame repl so that it prints the FPS to the console. It runs at a very steady 60 FPS but is laggy enough that it can be difficult to reach the top platform. Try it yourself here:

I'm really happy that now supports more options for game GFX and I understand that it is still being worked on, but I don't think it would be fair to mark down people who utilize it simply because support for it isn't 100% complete yet (especially since it was advertised as a way to make your game for the game jam).

While I realize that may be against the spirit of the, I think it would make sense for the judges to download any GFX repls and run them locally when evaluating the games. Having high latency can make a really great game not a lot of fun. And due to the game jam's massive prize, it's essential that each game is graded fairly.

I just want to emphasize that I don't mean to criticize or the game jam by writing this. is an amazing service and I think this game jam was a great idea. I just want the entries to be graded fairly.

Answered by TimothyAnderso1 (113) [earned 5 cycles]
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TimothyAnderso1 (113)

Hella Good points made here, the latency is a bit bad and even very simple things like a 2d cube can lag a bit, a 3d cube can take it to its limits but still it is in its beta stage from what I can tell and they did say it would get better, but the fact that it isn't yet makes me think they might update it before they actually judge the games, to be honest it might just be them testing the GFX engine on a large scale, makes sense to me.

but that's just a theory
a gfx theory

timmy_i_chen (1074)

I understand your concerns and I think they are completely valid. Let me confer with the team and the judges and I'll get back to you soon.

KevinTomaszewsk (1)

im browsing and coding on a bad* school chromebook. at first ti wasnt bad at all but about 30 secs into it it started skipping frames and had alot of latency. idk what is the deal with the gfx but im just saying what im experiencing.

joshwood (116)

@KevinTomaszewsk GFX is still in beta, but yeah I've experienced the same.

I would edit your post for language, you should try to keep it PG on here.