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Will you ever make repl open source?
Wilmor21 (66)

It would be great to see what's running this website and allow people to change things.

timmy_i_chen (1036)

Perhaps! We are considering open sourcing specific parts of the site to allow people to contribute - a lot of people have been asking about internships, and we're such a small company that we don't really have the capacity to invite everyone to our office (we'd totally love to meet everyone though). Open-sourcing parts of would allow people to contribute code and get the experience that they want. :)

Wilmor21 (66)


Sounds good thank you for the reply. What parts would you consider open sourcing?

amasad (1865)


Under consideration but we're not making any promises yet:
1. The infrastructure images. I.e. The thing we description of the containers we use to run your code.
2. The IDE core and maybe the plugins.
3. The classroom product.