(@ replit staff) repl.run with certain compilation options
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How would I run my program https://repl.it/@SPQR/Curses-Test (which is dependent on ncurses) with the -lncurses flag in repl.run? I can do it in the shell on repl.it fine, but it works much better in repl.run, and I want to be able to send a link to the game to people without needing them to actually manually compile and run the game via the shell. Thanks.

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Scoder12 (778)

You could make a bash repl which runs the command for your code and use the repl.run link for that. If that doesn't work you might have to use polygott but that's pretty advanced.

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@Scoder12 Alright thanks, I'll try that now

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@Scoder12 Update: It took 9 hours but I got it working with polygott (test program https://repl.it/@SPQR/Hrm )