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Zyndo's Music Player
ZyndoZyndion (0)


I am having trouble in Introduction to Programming with a pass level Ruby Program Task for Uni could you show me a solution please.

Include is a video describing the output for the task, which is a simple text music player.

I have completed half of it, using blocks of code from other tasks and would like it to work to a pass or little bit above pass level.

For a cursory look at the task open up the ruby file 7.1p_1.2_basic_music_player.rb and skip through the video - Demonstration of Text Music Player.mp4

The program run in CLI and retrieves .txt file information, and then can play a music file and lastly update details of the txt file.

Enclosed are:
video description - Demonstration of Text Music Player.mp4
the program file - 7.1p_1.2_basic_music_player.rb
functions file - input_functions.rb
the task description - 7.1P.pdf
a file for the music library - album.txt
one music file listed from that library - Blondie-Hanging_On_The_Telephone.mp3