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jessenaomi1 (0)

dose anyone know how to make something cool in python with turtle i have some experience and i have tried it on my on i just do know what else to make so can someone please give me some ideas thank you.


Draw a sqiral (a square spiral):

import turtle

t = turtle.Turtle()

angle = 90
side = 10
inc = 2

t.goto(0, 0)
for i in range(200):
  side = side + inc

Change the value of angle to get other interesting shapes. Change pencolor after each side is drawn, and so on...

jessenaomi1 (0)

thanks can you show anything else with payton with [email protected]


I have added to the turtle repl and changed its URL to:

jessenaomi1 (0)

do you know what's wrong with my i just posted and if you do can you help me fix it please. thank for showing something else cool you can do with that one you added to for [email protected]


You need to provide a link to the repl. Is it jesse23? If so there are quite a few errors. What is the program code meant to do?

jessenaomi1 (0)

yes it its jesse23 and it's men to draw rainbow scattered spirals when you click on the [email protected]