Is Samsung Or Apple Better?
RohilPatel (1181)

Is Samsung or Apple Better?

Hi my friend, we call him Miko, (yes, the same one from @Coder100 's post) decided to say that Samsung was better than Apple. I completely disagree with this claim, but I want to hear u guys out first.

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LiamDonohue (285)

the gui is simply easier to navigate, and it is very streamlined
(also im more familier with apple xD) @RohilPatel

LiamDonohue (285)

now when it comes to mac os im clueless xD ill stick with my chromebook lol @RohilPatel

hazelpy (7)

@LiamDonohue Chrome OS can run Android so Android is instantly better!!! owned!!!

RohilPatel (1181)

Sure, but it is still google. @hazelpy

AdriaDonohue (57)

@LiamDonohue hey big bro! APPLE! APPLE!APPLE!