Default Name Competition!
avibeskrowni (139)

Original by @mkhoi.
So, makes funny default names. Whoever can make the best code based off of their default name will win five cycles!
Post the links to your code in the comments.
The winners will be announced on May 1st.
Have fun!
Also, creating multiple submissions is allowed and if you don't get a manageable default name on your first try, feel free to create a new repl!

also, I don't know if I should've posted this on ask but I wanted a five cycle reward.

oh yeah, and upvote so more people can compete!

Sadly, this never gained much traction, so the winner is @SixBeeps DisgustingQuarrelsomeAtoms! Check out his code in the comments.

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Answered by SixBeeps (3220) [earned 5 cycles]
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