"Unexpected token else " error
bgrubert (167)

I have been working on this clicker game in html css and JS, but I am getting an unexpected token else error even though there seems to be nothing wrong.

Ps. Please note that I am only 11 so this is not going to be a professional code.


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3465728974563 (50)

@bgrubert hey I was wondering if you wanted to do a colab on this repl.it. I have already started making my own version of this repl.it and was wondering if you would be interested in joining me and helping me out with adding stuff to this and making it a real game that people can play whenever they want. The progress I've made so far can be found here: (https://repl.it/@3465728974563/Chess-Clicker-1) . If you happen to be interested in this colab than just respond to this in some sort of way.