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can't figure out line 27 and on
ecarroll42 (3)

I'm doing a project for my computer science class and im just lost at this point. Please help in anyway possible and maybe explain how you did it if possible.

morganny16 (29)

You also need to make all the inputs (except name) yo ints
i.e. T4 = int(input("Enter fourth test grade:"))

morganny16 (29)

or float for the ones you want as a decimal

ecarroll42 (3)

thank you! ill try this as soon as i get out of my next class @morganny16

ecarroll42 (3)

That worked but now I'm confused on how i would put all of that into and if/elis statement to make it a letter grade. Can you [email protected]

morganny16 (29)

if grade(or whatever the variable is called) >= 90:
elif grade >= 80:
elif grade >= 70:

and so on

morganny16 (29)

You need a colon after 90 on line 37

launcherman08 (15)

Do you know how to code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

ecarroll42 (3)

I don't, I wouldn't even say i code in python i just trial and error everything until it works lol.

DeniseCollazo (0)

You forgot the 'print' output at the end for the variables?

ecarroll42 (3)

this is written through Python by the way