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change node version
andreebr (10)

Can I change the node version of a repl?

Answered by Mosrod (384) [earned 5 cycles]
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Mosrod (384)

You cannot modify a language's version on if it does not have a separate language for the version (e.g. Python 3&2).

ash15khng (650)

@Mosrod @andreebr adding on to this you could copy and paste your code into another repl with the correct version, however it may be tedious if you have multiple files.

andreebr (10)

@ash15khng I couldn't find a way to create a node repl on a diferent version (sorry for the late response =S)

But thanks anyway =D

ash15khng (650)

@andreebr Actually, if you check out there seems to be only 1 version of node.js currently supported on

sinclairzx81 (5)

@ash15khng seems to be running different versions of node for different environments. As of writing..

NodeJS -> v10.16.0
TypeScript + NodeJS -> v9.11.2

It would be good to be able to set the NodeJS runtime, or perhaps use the current LTS for all node runtimes. is a pretty good way to communicate repros for developers tho, it would be better to able to select the appropriate runtime if possible.

lurking11 (0)

i would love to use nodejs 14 here , :) but i think it's not possible yet!