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clojure dependencies
sunj (4)

How do I specify dependencies from

PYer (2310)

Also, you should specify what language.

ash15khng (306)

@fullern000 He did, in the title of the post it says "clojure" which is a language supported on [] apparently. Guess you learn something new everyday.

PYer (2310)

What is a dependency?


Yeah, what is it?

coalesce (1)

@fullern000 The same as in Node and Python - internal and external .clj files which are plugged in to code like this (this file should be in classpath of JVM)

(ns example.core
  (:require [somelib.core :as smlibalias]))
obiSerra (0)

I had the same problem and I ended up uploading the source code of the library I needed (it was core.match)

ryuhcii (0)

+1 for this.
I needed to use and couldn't find a way how to add dependencies in

coalesce (1)

For me it seems that in only Node and Python is extendable with external libs :(