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ebest (574)

On one of my posts, there was a deleted user.

Well what would you like to name yor encryption techniche
So i can give it a home in my operating system olso sell this to the government

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ebest (22)
@Scorpia10x XD

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Anyways, I can still see the user's name in my reply to the comment. Should all the mentions of that user be deleted?

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timmy_i_chen (960)

They should, but we probably won't, because it would require editing posts.

Basically the way that comments work is that they have an associated user_id. If the user with that ID was deleted, then we just return "deleted" for the username. However, the mentions are simply text (i can mention any username, even if they don't exist, like @asdlfjladsfhfgskjdhfgsdfg), and it's more trouble than it's worth to go through and edit everyone who has ever mentioned that person.

Additionally, the first is reversible, while the second is not.

ebest (574)

@timmy_i_chen What do you mean the second is not?
you could just check through every post and look for a mention, then turn it into [deleted].

timmy_i_chen (960)

@ebest I mean, once you turn @test into [deleted], you can't turn [deleted] back into @test. And while we could do that,, it would be a lot more computationally expensive than is worth. :P

mat1 (2498)

@timmy_i_chen You could do it the same way Discord does it, by saving mentions as <@userid>.