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do you like my code?
laraki (24)

cool code for math class... super cool


This is pretty basic code, but could have been made more complicated. So pretty good i guess.

AJDevelopment (121)

the title made me think of gas gas gas


I like it

alexprimeaux (46)

@BRUHIP that is so sweet and encouraging

CodingRedpanda (143)

this is a good first repl (its basic but basic is still good)!
keep up the good work!

JBYT27 (1177)

Umm, wasn't this copied off of @IsabelCabrera?

IsabelCabrera (10)

yeah they copied me. I am reporting them. They suck. Please help me join forces to stop these copy cats. @JBYT27


@JBYT27 isabel made it after him so they whould have copied off him

IsabelCabrera (10)

Do not trust her lies. She is lying. I do not know her @JBYT27

EllieSchmidt (8)

@IsabelCabrera U actually coppied off of me...

laraki (24)

those are NOT my pronouns... @BRUHIP

IsabelCabrera (10)

I am so sorry they assumed your genders. It's 2020 people, please be more aware of the world. It is honestly disgusting. @laraki


@laraki ok i wasnt talking about you i was talking about isabel and i hate getting yelled at from people when they said i was assuming there gender

DrSlice (1)

What is this even supposed to do...?


i think this needs to be in the share

TsunamiOrSumth (481)

@RYANTADIPARTHI can i invite you to a repl and talk with you real quick


why are there so many people posting this same thing.

JonDoeBeep (37)

you should do this (to add more intractability to your project) at the end instead of sinAAA(15,125) :

ang1=input("Enter angle 1")
ang2=input("Enter angle 2")

Please reply if there is a more efficient way to do it, I don't really look up stuff like how to that.
Also this is titled triangle area?

YuvanVighnesh (97)

Hold up... what is happening
this looks like its been copied by other users. i think this is spambot.

AnthonyMouse (59)

great job with this!