error with env files please help (might be repl's fault)
BenjaminNamika1 (20)

I found an error with .env files. env files do not work in python if you click on the "box with arrow" to run the program in a new window. Then the os.getenv("key") returns None even if you have something with a key of none. for example:
click on this link and it will print None
while if you look run the code- (the code for the above program) then you will see it will print "hello everyone". in the file the actual .env file won't be displayed so a created a file called env wich will contain the exact same text as the .env file.
I think this might be a problem with repl....

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Answered by ash15khng (393) [earned 5 cycles]
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BenjaminNamika1 (20)

@ash15khng well for me it prints 'hello everyone' so maybe the .env files are only accessible by me when it is not in .run, so thank you now i understand and can base my program off my new knowladge