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ffmpeg in videoshow
AtticusKuhn (236)

I am trying to use videoshow in node.js. I have copied the code almost directly from the github page for videoshow. Whenever I try to run it, I get the error "Error: Error: Cannot find ffmpeg". I have tried using const ffmpeg = require('@ffmpeg-installer/ffmpeg'); and npm install ffmpeg in the shell, but I still get the same error. What can I do to avoid this error? I am pretty sure ffmpeg does not work in, so what can I do to turn images and audio into a video in node.js?

edit: I am trying to use the /video/merge robot from transloadit api instead.

Answered by amasad (2406) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (2406)

Hey there we've had people abuse our platform using ffmpeg in the past and we banned it. However, let me take a look again maybe we can enable it

AdCharity (1264)

@amasad I'm kind of interested what kind of... abuse happened. I was trying to use ffmpeg for my discord bot, but fortunately I found this first (so then I don't have to spend three hours figuring out something that doesn't work).

AdCharity (1264)

@amasad did youtube-dl get banned as well?

MrEconomical (2197)

did you remember to install ffmpeg itself as a package?

AtticusKuhn (236)

@MrEconomical I believe ffmpeg does not work on because of and If there is a way of turning images and audio into video, that is my final goal.