Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3034)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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DungeonMaster00 (163)

One language to rule them all.

It will be basically a combination Swift, Go, Lua, and D.

It will have a massive standard library suitable for many projects.

It will have documentation comments via a subset of Markdown.

It will be compiled to efficient bytecode for portability.

The bytecode intepreter will be fast and efficient.

It will have support for both low level and high level programs.

It will be object oriented.

The programs will be class based.

It can have built-in functions equivalent to assembly instructions, to reduce the need for pure assembly.

And most importantly...

Readable syntax.

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 That would be interesting!

I am a programming language developer. I love just testing out new things to do with programming languages!
Do you think you'd actually make something like this?

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper i might if i get really bored but i would use the llvm library to compile to portable and executable machine code instead of bytecode for performance

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 Is llvm a C++ library?

What is llvm, lol.

Me and Coder100 have been talking about transpiling but also compiling my language with the llvm library but we don't know anything about it.

Think you can kinda lay it out and explain it?

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper this will basically combine elements of other programming languages into one package. it will also have an optional garbage collector

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper clang is repl.it's c/c++ compiler used.

it uses llvm to compile

it is also used in the official compilers for swift and rust

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper i dont know but it's portable and its for compilers

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 So llvm can be used with C, correct?

Because C is the language I am writing my language in..

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper i dont know

maybe but i would rather use c++ for it's safety and the fact that it's easier to use

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper and i might use d if there is llvm library support for making compilers with it.

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 So, what I am getting from this is to:

Transpile my language into C++, then use llvm to compile it..

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper hmm i would read tutorials i never used llvm before but it sounds good

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper i would try writing compiler with c/c++ and using llvm

but you can do whatever

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 yeah I am looking it up. According to my 5 minute research I can use the Clang compiler for it and compile my C code into llvm..

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 Yeah I am probably going to switch my C compiler over to Clang since I found a article that explains how to run C code with llvm

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper not exactly the best solution, but it may work

im guessing since i never actually created a language bedore

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper cool

i would use c++ but good luck with c

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper oh cool i found a version of llvm for d

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 I don't know anything about C++. Yeah, it's like C but with classes, but I don't understand its syntax.

I am going to attempt to do it with C!
I think using the Clang compiler to run C code directly with llvm will work, but I don't know, seems like that's the same as executing the C code into a .o file.

It will be a learning process, that is for sure!

I will keep you updated if I find out anything interesting over llvm!!

DungeonMaster00 (163)

@MocaCDeveloper now to figure out how to install the llvm-d

MocaCDeveloper (523)

@DungeonMaster00 I've heard of D I've just have never been motivated by it