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help! won't load
JamieHardeman (0)

why won't my load? it's been loading for two days.

Answered by malvoliothegood (696) [earned 5 cycles]
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malvoliothegood (696)

Your code runs for me, however you have a mistake in the return statement in the wisePerson function. You are missing a colon after the word said.

vedprad1 (860)

If your repl does not load, it must be because of your internet connection. Try refreshing the page.

On the other hand, there is problem in your code, which is why your test is failing. You forgot the colon (:) after said in the string. Once you add the colon, the test should be passed.

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YoelAsgedom (0)

Try to create two functions separately or if in case that won't help it go to terminal and find the typo errors.