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Toaf (2)

hey there, can someone give me some good and useful tips on how to use python?

irishbryan (10)

If you're just getting started I've always been a fan of Learning Python The Hard Way, unfortunately it's no longer free but does structure getting started material very well.

OfuaniJoan07 (0)

Hi, everyone. I'm kinda new here. I know a little about programming but not much. It'll be really nice if someone could help me out with this.

  • I hope I get to enjoy coding *
ash15khng (575)

There are many tutorials out there, including some on I think. Just google "python tutorial" and you should find a few.

dhanushka2001 (9)

give yourself a small project you want to create and branch out from there.

keremisgeeking (0)

grok learning has a great beginners course but you can only do the first part without having to pay but still is a great place to start