Game making🎮
rabofan70 (4)

I want to make a game witch programming skills do i need to know?💪🏼💙

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eankeen (1410)

whether you're building some terminal-based game or a graphical one, you'll need to know a particular programming language fairly well. for example, if you are creating a graphical game with javascript, you may want to be knowledgeable and have experience with the modern features of javascript.

i would recommend starting out small. for example, if you want to make some 3d action-based game, you may want to start out with some smaller 2d games. as you create the smalller games, you will learn the tools and structure required to build larger and more advanced games.

hope i could help :)

rabofan70 (4)

@eankeen yeah i messed arround in unreal engine but i have to learn the language