how does repl-it organize the files and folders - i am not able to run code in subfolder
linoman_zz (5)

hello dear all - new to repl-it. love it as it seems ot be a great approach to a online-ide.

one question though:

cannot run code that i have added to a folder.. .see the image

see here the account - and the folders that i have created

question is: how to run the code that is in adress_book2

it does not work - i cannot run this code .

did i miss something.. plz lemme know and set me straight

thanks in advance

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mat1 (2878)

You need to add the .py extension for a file to be read as a Python file. Then, you can run it from (or other) by doing import adress_book2 (Don't include the .py when using import).
Also, you can import files from a folder by doing import corey_schafer.tutorial
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linoman_zz (5)

@mat1 many thanks der Mat1 - great to hear from you_

i follow your advice and will add the py-ending. sure thing - it is obvious that we need that. i will try out all your recommendations - great to hear from you.

have a great day

CJPlayer (0)

@mat1 it didn't work on my code