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how to add data
1974christian (0)

I'm new here.
I would liketo understand how to upload data and read them.
I've a .CSV file with approximately 32.000 record and 35 fields. Is it too large?

a5rocks (779)

It seems you already uploaded said .csv? If you are talking about downloading it, you can download the whole repl as a .zip, unzip it, and then take out the .csv.

1974christian (0)

the code is
dataset = pd.read_csv(ml_web_campione_python_short.csv, sep=';')

It gives me this message:
NameError: name 'dataset' is not defined

a5rocks (779)

@1974christian have you tried print(pd.read_csv(ml_web_campione_python_short.csv, sep=';'))

1974christian (0)

@a5rocks it seems tnot to work. It gives the same error.
i want to try with a subsample

a5rocks (779)

@1974christian finally took a look at your code, so multiple things are wrong here:
1) "ml_web_campione_python_short.csv" should be a string, replace ml_web_campione_python_short.csv with "ml_web_campione_python_short.csv"
2) anything after return in a function is not called