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im new and dont know what to make

i dont know what to make in python plz help(also python is all i know and not that mutch of it)

Zavexeon (1178)

Discord bots are always fun projects.


discord bots?

Zavexeon (1178)

@AlfonsoHernand3 Discord is a chat application and you can create bots for it to do things like roll dice, or even play music in voice chats. If you're over 13 (assuming you are since you have to be 13+ to use Talk), try making an account and join the Discord!


sorry but i cant get discord (i don't have a phone)@Zavexeon

Zavexeon (1178)

@AlfonsoHernand3 You don't need a phone silly, they have a website client.


my mom wont let me use discord untell i have a phone @Zavexeon

Zavexeon (1178)

@AlfonsoHernand3 Oh alright, that's ok. Hmm... make a random name generator! This was one of my earliest projects:


ok ill try that [email protected]


oof what coding language are you [email protected]

Zavexeon (1178)

@AlfonsoHernand3 I used Ruby for that but you can try replicating it in whatever you want.


ok because i only know python @Zavexeon

noway15 (23)

Dunno, maybe a text game or something? Those are always fun @AlfonsoHernand3
maybe something like:

Life Game!!!

You wake up. You are in a room with no visible exits besides the door. Then a guard comes in and deposits your food. Do you (1) charge at the guard or (2) take the food and keep quiet?

iv alredy done something like [email protected]


Here are some stuff you can try.

  • hangman
  • tic tac toe
  • spinner
  • animation
  • 2048
  • UNO
  • calculator
  • age calculator
  • future age calculator
  • random number generator
  • random word generator
  • currency converter
  • quiz
  • guessing game
  • typing game

Ping me if you need more

InvisibleOne (2044)

What is something that you do a lot? Is it math? Then make a repl to do your math. Or you could make a game, website using flask, a discord bot, word finder, spelling checker, chat bot, etc.


i now know what im going to make thanks to @IMayBeMe so yeh @InvisibleOne

IMayBeMe (40)

Maybe try to make a simple calculator or character counter?


yah ill try that @IMayBeMe