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information on outages (web hosting)
ribbitqueen (5) has been quite hard to work with consistently since the machines seem to go offline for minutes at a time with no warning or information.
this is especially frustrating with static webpage projects, where youd typically only wait a couple seconds after running for your page to update.

i really like using when its working, but its been so unreliable im wondering if i should look for an alternative.
these kinds of issues make web hosting (advertised as a feature here) a complete shot in the dark for whether someone will actually be able to access your site.

is there any kind of page or feed to connect to with information about these outages?
(edit: the status page is linked in the selected answer; maybe i shoudlve split this post up onto feedback and bug reports)
(edit: wow this reads far more angry than i intended, my apologies. i think i need more sleep)

Answered by Kognise (405) [earned 5 cycles]
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Kognise (405)

I noticed this too! Static hosting seems to be having intermittent problems, I've messaged the team on Slack. does have a status page, just click here.

ribbitqueen (5)

@Kognise this is useful thanks.
i feel like it should be easier to find, perhaps it could be linked in error messages

amasad (2478)

hey @ribbitqueen, ceo here. Sorry about this outage. We'll make sure to expose the status page on more areas.

We could do better but generally speaking static sites, as seen on, has an uptime of 99.86%. So I'm curious other than today, when did you see it go down? Any other unreliability issues we can address?

PaoloAmoroso (139)

@amasad You may want to have a look into the reliability of PySimpleGUI REPLs. I seem to understand this is one of the reasons why Mike, the PySimpleGUI developer, is exploring alternatives to

ribbitqueen (5)

@amasad wow thanks for the fast response.

previous issues looked different, with the editor failing to load. i thought this was likely the same issue appearing differently after recent updates but it looks like this time the static hosting itself was the issue while previous issues were probably with the editor. i think i read something about the editor running on google cloud while the compiled content itself is on heroku? has been really useful for working with non-coders on projects but getting repls to load on their accounts has been an issue a few times (sometimes with failed connection errors), while a copy on my own account loads fine.

i might just have unlucky timing on when i choose to update stuff, looking at the status graphs.
i appreciate that the service cant always be 100% reliable; i think what would help the most is more communicative error messages with links to further documentation.

thanks again

amasad (2478)

@PaoloAmoroso Thanks, I'll follow up with Mike. Although the issues there are related to our GUI support, which is still early and hasn't been worked on much since. We're more focused on our webhosting experience now.

amasad (2478)

@ribbitqueen Thanks for the details. Please feel free to let me know directly if you see any of these issues again [email protected] Meanwhile we'll make sure things run more smoothly going forward.

PaoloAmoroso (139)

@amasad Thanks. By the way, I do know you're a small team busy working on a lot of cool stuff.

AdCharity (1270)

I've noticed this too... It was fine yesterday

Kognise (405)

@AdCharity there's something funky going on, but the team is looking into it :)

ArtsyGalaxy (0)

I just asked a question about this and it explains so much. I was planning on publishing it today with my domain but now the release is postponed