information on outages (web hosting)
ribbitqueen (5) has been quite hard to work with consistently since the machines seem to go offline for minutes at a time with no warning or information.
this is especially frustrating with static webpage projects, where youd typically only wait a couple seconds after running for your page to update.

i really like using when its working, but its been so unreliable im wondering if i should look for an alternative.
these kinds of issues make web hosting (advertised as a feature here) a complete shot in the dark for whether someone will actually be able to access your site.

is there any kind of page or feed to connect to with information about these outages?
(edit: the status page is linked in the selected answer; maybe i shoudlve split this post up onto feedback and bug reports)
(edit: wow this reads far more angry than i intended, my apologies. i think i need more sleep)

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Answered by Kognise (404) [earned 5 cycles]
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Kognise (404)

@AdCharity there's something funky going on, but the team is looking into it :)