New design -- pog or cringe?
amasad (3279)

What do you guys think of design update?

Here is what it looks like but you can easily open a new repl to see it.

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Bookie0 (5668)

its a bit of both, but mostly great!

i think the run button of last time was much better, with the cool effect of the kinda slide motion, but i see why you chose this button to kind of fit in with the buttons (comment, reply, etc.) with the roundness.

also, the + in the top right button should probably be a bit bigger, because after all it is the most important thing in the making of new repls and coding!

I love the new color theme of the IDE, the italics, the keywords and stuff, so thats really cool.

also the beta teams thing and the achievements are POG.

But overall, i think you guys made better! ;)

👍 👏 =)

tangert (84)

@Bookie0 haha you could also argue the most important thing is running your code! :) we decided to prioritize that in the header as much as possible.

thanks for the feedback!

Bookie0 (5668)

@tangert yes, thats true, REPLing is the most important!