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js assignment 8
jimenez7 (0)

Hey guys , im currently having some trouble with my js code. Any help will be appreciated

Answered by mwilki7 (550) [earned 5 cycles]
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mwilki7 (550)

I think you're missing a semi-colon on line 39

jimenez7 (0)

I already put one there , but it still says I got the exercise wrong @mwilki7

mwilki7 (550)

@jimenez7 I think I see it now (from the screenshot if it's still current)
You are missing a space in line 39 after the word 'is'
it will print: Hello, my name isDavid
instead of: Hello, my name is David

jimenez7 (0)

Ohhhhhhh !!! I seee let me fix that and run it again @mwilki7

jimenez7 (0)

You’re the man !!! That was it haha . Thanks I appreciate the [email protected]

heyitsmarcus (288)

@mwilki7 Just as an aside, JavaScript's compiler doesn't care whether you end a line with a semicolon or not, so long as your next command comes on a new line. Some programmers end each line with a semi-colon, some do not. It is programmer preference.

jimenez7 (0)

Hey thanks for the tip I will keep that in mind [email protected]