Better Grasp of Understanding
AngelaThomas2 (3)

I have been meeting some difficulty with the lines of code on this repl: .

When I run the code, it says I am passing half of what is expected, but failing on returning {} when called with []. Why might I be getting this error and how can I solve it out? I have gone back through this scenario and its entirety and can't find the missing piece of this puzzle.

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AngelaThomas2 (3)

@malvoliothegood Whereas I do appreciate you helping me crack this, I don't think I can change the test code at the bottom to affect how the code turns out. Also, as it stands I have not worked with "const" before. Is that the same as "let" or "function"? I've been playing with a couple things to get my answer and haven't quite cracked it. I am still trying to write in the lines necessary to return {} when called with []. Have any clue on how I might do that? My latest solution of calling an empty array did not work.