need help please
washingtonwill (0)

function exerciseFour(value){
let greaterThanFive = false;
// In this exercise, you will be given a variable, it will be called: value
// You will also be given a variable named: greaterThanFive
// Using an 'if' statement check to see if the value is greater than 5. If it is, re-assign greaterThanFive the boolean true.

// Please write your answer in the line above.
return false;

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Vandesm14 (2218)

What do you need help with? What specifically? We can't do your homework for you but we can help you with specific problems/issues.

washingtonwill (0)

I'm having trouble re-assigning the greaterThanFive boolean true. when I change it to return true its still incorrect cant figure out what im doing wrong.

washingtonwill (0)

the if statement part would be
if(greaterThanFive>5) then id have to change the false to return true [email protected]

Vandesm14 (2218)

@washingtonwill Did you write any code? All I have is the initial assignment. If you haven't written any code yet, try it first then send me your code.

Pro Tip: You can format your code in a post/comment like so

Looks like:

washingtonwill (0)

greaterThanFive = value>5;
//run this code if expression is true

Vandesm14 (2218)

@washingtonwill You're doing good. Now just reassign the variable (same as assigning it)
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