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mwilki7 (280)

How do I get the contents of a text file to an array in nodejs?
Here is my repl:
I'm trying to open a file, save the array into a global variable to use it later.

I'm using a callback function to proceed after the file is read but these variables

var adjectives = [ ]; 
var nouns = [ ];

show up empty after file reading.

For example,

console.log("First file read");
fs.readFile('adjectives.txt', function(err, data)
    if (err) throw err;
    adjectives = data.toString().split("\n");

    console.log(data.toString().split("\n"); // shows normal array
    console.log(adjectives); // shows empty
}, firstPart());

doesn't seem to follow through the assignment synchronously.

I've tried fs.readFileSync(...) but that didn't work either.
Anyone have any ideas how to get random lines in text files with nodejs?

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Answered by JustARatherRidi (190) [earned 5 cycles]
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JustARatherRidi (190)

@mwilki7 No problem! ^^

Just so you know, that does indeed mean 3 arguments, but not the way you tried to do it.

options usually means an object, with different properties acting like optional keyword arguments. For example my second argument can be { encoding: 'utf8' } to specify that the file is in utf-8.

By the way, the square brackets around , options means that that part is optional :)