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nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
Deacon_Cronin (52)

Occasionally whenever I run any pygame repl (at least to my knowledge regardless of code) it which eventually display "nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout" and stop everything. This happens every time I make a new pygame repl, after some time. I have no idea what the problem is. This happens even if I replace all the code.

themaka (178)

Does it still happen if you fork your repl?


@themaka I also have this problem and it works after I fork the repl. It is still very annoying though.

beanoConboy (0)

@Deacon_Cronin having the same problem with my friend

Deacon_Cronin (52)

@themaka It works for a while after I fork the repl, but the error just comes back.

emilienBUSSON (7)

@themaka Yeah, I have the same problem. Is there any solution to solve that ?

kondok (1)

I have the same problem too...

FiddlerOnTheNet (1)

Same situation with me.

cbutre21 (1)

yup still happens to me to i was super ambitious to start coding and then poof can't do it any more. hope the devs can help us.


Hi, just like quite a bit of other's, I've also been having trouble. Really hoping this gets addressed of solved!

JulianWeaver (2)

@ETHANSIAO Totally on the same boat. I'm having the same problem. The team need to look at this.

TrentonHorne (0)

Renaming the repl then changing the name back worked for me.

Deacon_Cronin (52)

@PYer Do you have any idea what this is about? You're my favorite python lad (although I don't know if you use pygame)

PYer (2332)

@Deacon_Cronin Rob created the pygame, and made it print that. it is not a problem, just some text that is printed in the terminal.

Deacon_Cronin (52)

@PYer When the message displays the code doesn't run, and nothing else is printed. It is definitely a problem

PYer (2332)

@Deacon_Cronin it does work. i just think that the function doesn't

greenbean765 (28)

pygame just stops working for a while and even in a different repl or new repl created after it starts doing this will do the same thing. it's probably a server-side problem.