nothing i do works, 2 days ive been trying #14precourse exercise 1 prototypes
Jayese (0)

function exerciseOne(UserClass){

// Exercise One: In this exercise you are given a class called UserClass.
// You will be adding a method to the prototype called greeting
// This method will return the string: 'Hello, it is nice to meet you!'
// DO NOT create a new class or object
this.UserClass = userclass;

UserClass.prototype.greeting = function(){


// Please write your code in the lines above
return UserClass

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vedprad1 (732)

You should check resources online, like, before posting your question here. Anyways, here is the answer:

function exerciseOne(UserClass)  {
  UserClass.prototype.greeting = function {
    return 'Hello, it is nice to meet you!';
  return UserClass

The this.UserClass = userclass line makes no sense because you do not have a variable called userclass, nor do you have a property called UserClass.

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