on-screen text?
CullenDAvello (18)

hey @SPQR can you help me with on screen text the SFML website says the code i have on lines 87-91 is right but it says "font" is undeclared even though its an sf::font, can you help? here's the repl thanks!!

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Answered by abc3354 (215) [earned 5 cycles]
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CullenDAvello (18)

@SPQR never mind, figured it out. but i later tried loading in a font from a file but i keep getting a "failed to create the font face" issue, i have had trouble with all types of files including textures (that's why i have all the rectangles instead of textures) and i need some help. is there a #include i need that i don't have or is it something with the working file directory, sorry to bother you again. thank you again, for all your help, and of course... the link

P.S. no i have no clue on how to find or use a working file directory