on-screen text?
CullenDAvello (18)

hey @SPQR can you help me with on screen text the SFML website says the code i have on lines 87-91 is right but it says "font" is undeclared even though its an sf::font, can you help? here's the repl thanks!!

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Answered by abc3354 (223) [earned 5 cycles]
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CullenDAvello (18)

@CullenDAvello hey one more thing, if you run the program you'll see the character (white rectangle) has a gun (orange rectangle) i have already got the gun rotating with the mouse(as wanted) how could i also get the gun to follow the player(as if he's holding the gun) without interfering with the collision boundaries (invisible rectangles around the room, they are labeled in the r1, r2, ... r20 section) i am very confuse thanks!