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painfully slow
shachopin (8)

Suddenly it became very very slow to open up a repl. Could someone please look into it? Thanks a lot

katyadee (1199)

Hey! Are you still experiencing this issue? Let me know.

mat1 (3291)

Are other websites loading slowly for you? It's a problem with your internet. Do you have a proxy enabled? Try disabling it.

ripull125 (3)

I'm still experiencing it.

satyam1911 (0)

The only reason is you are using any proxy [email protected]

ripull125 (3)

How do i know if I am? @satyam1911

satyam1911 (0)

Is there any app like pshiphon pro or vpn max ? then you should disable it in order to make your html site or repl site fast @ripull125

granny (0)

Hey guys. is still slow. Whenever I try to open a repl, it takes forever to load and I just use it to do tiny homework exercises.

skwrrkk (0)

@granny I'm having the same issue!

_PixelOrangeDev (3)

That was also an issue for me, but only on my PixelBot repl. Thankfully it's stopped now.