point scoring system
kiki2005 (5)

How would I make a code that would check the password for the following and add or subtract the following points :

  • the amount of characters is equal to the first amount of points
  • capital letters + 5 points
  • lower case letters +5 points
  • digits(1-9) + 5 points for each one
  • special characters(!$%^&*()_-+=) + 5 points
  • only capital letter -5 points
  • only lowercase letters -5 points
  • only digits -5 points
  • only special characters -5
  • if the password contains three consecutive letters based on the layout of the UK QWERTY keyboard -5 points for each set of three.

In addition I would also like to know how to generate a random password that follows the point scoring system above and has 8-12 letters.The password would have to be classified as strong to be shared with the user.
Password strengths

  • 20+ is strong
  • 0 or less is weak
  • anything else is medium
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kiki2005 (5)

@ryanhcode i have tried to do it myself but I am having trouble actually making the point scoring system.I just don't understand where to start or what to include or how to lay it out.I think that it is because there is so much information that it is making it hard for me to process.I was just wondering if anyone could help me really as i am struggling with the whole thing.