Game making🎮
rabofan70 (4)

I want to make a game witch programming skills do i need to know?💪🏼💙

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mwilki7 (1078)

programming skills: basic programming skills and object oriented programming (classes, subclasses, inheritance, etc...)
art skills: how to draw or find artwork online
math skills: geometry/trigonometry (for 2D games anyway)

Dean Dodrill was an artist, who knew nothing about programming, took 3 and a half years to create one of my favorite platformers: Dust: An Elysian Tail.

With discipline, I'm certain you're equally capable of this.


A great game making library (comes with collision detection, level creation, and animation handling!) that helps accelerate the creation of canvas-based games.
An example of a game using (a heavily reworked version of impactjs)

It's entirely HTML5

SDL2 - Simple Direct-media Layer 2.0

A simple and handy C graphics library that helps get your pictures on the screen. It has a lot of handy functions that html canvas does not (like rotating (why canvas...why))