pycodestyle/flake8 feedback in Python 3
etowncodes (2)

New to trying pycodestyle or flake8 package and want to get my students to utilize it to style code properly. Working in Python 3.

How do you get the "feedback" to output in the terminal? In other words, how do I get this to show? E231 missing whitespace after ','

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Zavexeon (923)

@etowncodes Oh, I understand what you mean. The reason this may not be working is with some limitations with The compiler is what sees errors and reports them, and we regular users can't actually modify the compiler or install anything on their servers.

Packages like discordpy and stuff like that are hosted externally from replit, which is why they work. What you seem to be trying is to install something internally, which replit does not support, to my knowledge.