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JacobMcPherson1 (103)

what would be the best language to write an aimbot for a 3rd person shooter?

Answered by Baconman321 (793) [earned 5 cycles]
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Baconman321 (793)

Tl;Dr: Just don't do it!

This would depend on the language the 3rd person shooter is in. Take roblox for instance. Sure, you could probably find a way to inject code as assembly and interfere with the data sent to the game, but it would be better to write it in Lua (because that's what Roblox uses). It depends on what the game is coded in, really.

Also, might I remind you making an aimbot is probably against any game's ToS (Terms of Service) meaning you could get banned, and in some cases sued.

Just don't do it. Plus, you would have to find a way to "interfere" with the data sent (game/platform dependant). Most of the time there are measures taken in place to prevent this kind of stuff, and most of the time you can't just "change the entire code of the game (or even just a little)". From what I see, in Roblox you add to the code, not change it (which means that anti-hacks might work really well).

tussiez (867)

@Baconman321 You can inject Lua, however yes, it's against TOS

Baconman321 (793)

@tussiez You can inject Lua for the same reason you can inject JavaScript. I don't exactly see how or why you can inject lua, but I'm guessing it has to do with interfering with the data sent.

tussiez (867)

Actually I may be wrong, since Roblox is written in C++ and that's what exploits are written in..

tussiez (867)

@Baconman321 You don't typically interfere with the data sent to the game, but the other way around.

Baconman321 (793)

@tussiez I've actually seen the exploits written in Lua. I think the DDL injector is written in C++ (IDK). Roblox uses C++ for it's physics engine and Lua for the actual game scripts.

Baconman321 (793)

@tussiez Data sent from the game? It can work both ways. If you interfere with the game data sent from the game the game might process that data differently. I meant interfere with the data that is going to be sent from the game.

tussiez (867)

@Baconman321 Correct.
Anyways this is kinda unrelated to the question lol

Pankak (48)

@Baconman321 javascript injection can be easily pulled off in multiple ways, such as request interception or script injection. Script injection does require some degree of browser control while for request interception you can simply use a chrome launcher and intercept script requests

I don't know how Roblox works, but for applications it will be more difficult, unless it has its own scripting features

Baconman321 (793)

@Pankak You can DLL inject for Roblox, which I have seen people exploit so much.

Actually, there was a hack that allowed an avatar to get... uhm


Yeah, these hacks are really cruel and oftentimes just appalling.

tussiez (867)

There are two answers here:
1. Are you writing an aimbot for your own game? Then use the language you're using in your game.

Writing aimbots is against most TOS's in games

It is strongly advised against to write aimbots for multiplayer games, as this is typically a violation of their terms of service, and will get you banned.

JacobMcPherson1 (103)

i was planning on making it to troll my friends in private matches

JBloves27 (1523)

Just dont. Aimbots are usually TOS against all games. SO just dont.