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running app hangs when I hit stop.
thanos001 (0)

I've been running into problems when I attempt to stop
a running program, while I'm testing it. In the past,
I could simply hit "stop" and be done with it, but recently when I hit stop, the app just hangs.

Answered by SixBeeps (2318) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (2318)

Looks like a bug with Ruby in specific. Might wanna report it on the Bugs forum.

thanos001 (0)

Thanks for your prompt reply, I'll do that. Sorry, I didn't
realize there was a separate form for bugs.

SixBeeps (2318)

@thanos001 No, that's quite alright. At least you caught it :)

thanos001 (0)

Oh, I should have added, it doesn't just happen with one app.