so exactly how popular is
TheImagin33r (27)

it doesnt seem like its that popular. because im literally on the first page of top contributers with little ammounts of posts

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Answered by amasad (2478) [earned 5 cycles]
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mwilki7 (1012)

why everyone roasting him for saying he saw himself on top contributor page lool

TheImagin33r (27)

@mwilki7 ye this isnt r/roastmebecauseiaskedaquestion

MarcusWeinberger (222)

@TheImagin33r but this certainly is r/ihavereddit

TheImagin33r (27)

@MarcusWeinberger r/ihaveredditanthatmakesmecoolbecauseicanreadthingsthatstartwithrslashthenawholestringofwordswithnospacesbuticanstillreadthemcusiuseredditandyoucantooifyoucanreadthis