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/t not working
Mowatdynes (0)

Working on the trivia quiz and it won't quite work it just prints out the /t while it should count it as an action.

Mowatdynes (0)

@pyelias Alright, thanks. That was kind of an idiotic question should've studied it more closely anyways, lovely to know that there is such a fast acting support community if I ever come into any more problems

timmy_i_chen (1088)

@Mowatdynes It's all good, we all start somewhere. :) Just pay it forward and help others when you can! Have you joined our discord server too?

Mowatdynes (0)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks, just joined the server.

JoshDaBosh (78)

what language is it, and can you link your repl?

Case_Buttitta (40)

@JoshDaBosh Python, pyelias already answered it

JoshDaBosh (78)

@Case_Buttitta yup, i just posted before him so didn't see :\