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tab error
RossJames (302)


I have no idea why i have an error on line 14. Any ideas?


Answered by TheDrone7 (1343) [earned 5 cycles]
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TheDrone7 (1343)

The indentation has to be applied after the colon. So according to that the correct format would be

cnt = 1
while line:
	print("Line {}: {}".format(cnt, line.strip()))
RossJames (302)

@TheDrone7 Hi, I have added this but now have more any ideas?

TheDrone7 (1343)

@RossJames I believe you need to declare variables outside of that scope, although I am not sure.

almostStatic (42)

@RossJames Error on Line 14? Maybe you don't need an empty line or you have to declare something. I would recommend using an online Python code checker.

kamalhasan (5)

what language is this
also check out tic tac toe with bots

AllAwesome497 (335)

Ah, ok. now ur current problem
is on one line, or maybe more, u didn't use tabs/spaces whichever u used everywhere else