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the /n won't seperate my lines
DSAVeronika20 (10)

hey everyone i am trying to use the /n to seperate my story lines but for the last two lines they wont separate can someone help me?? i am just beginner python


Answered by JBloves27 (1507) [earned 5 cycles]
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JBloves27 (1507)

It is a backslash, not a regular slash.
It would be like this:


Not this:


I hope this helps!

JBloves27 (1507)

... i cant do emojis hahahahah :D:D:D @DSAVeronika20

DSAVeronika20 (10)

@JBYT27 :D by the way what do you think of my new profile pic??

DSAVeronika20 (10)

@JBYT27 thanks its kitty cheshire from wonderland

DSAVeronika20 (10)

@JBYT27 p.s i just had my code class... if statements where a bit to much maybe if you help me on another project make it shorter... however my instructor still said my project is awesome for using if statements (thank you ) and for the future if i need help can i invite you to my project??

DSAVeronika20 (10)

@JBYT27 😃 now i have to go to my OTHER CLASS because i have like infinity classes i have to take so please look at the repl i shared with you

JBloves27 (1507)

haha, ok, sure. Ill do it later, im busy rn ;) @DSAVeronika20